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"Enthusiastic, patient, and incredibly skilled, my experience with Ms. Cana has been nothing short of exceptional. Her passion for music shines through in every lesson, making learning both enjoyable and rewarding. She tailors each session to our needs, ensuring steady progress while fostering a deep appreciation for the art of music and piano. I highly recommend Ms. Cana to anyone seeking a dedicated teacher on their musical journey."

“I greatly appreciate Cana’s piano teaching style with my three children. She is nurturing and caring but still instills discipline in her students. My children have made great progress with Cana and they enjoy themselves through the process.”

“Cana is an exceptional piano player and teacher. She has taught our son all about the music pieces that he plays, music history, and the very important, proper body form. Our son's piano playing, body posture, and overall music knowledge has improved tremendously due to Cana's extraordinary piano lessons. We are so lucky to have Cana as our son's piano teacher.”

“Ms. Cana is a very kind, patient, and creative piano teacher with my 7 year old son. Her creativity through games has kept him engaged and excited for each lesson. She is able to express piano in a way that he can understand and articulate, so he can apply the theory to his music. Although my son can be fidgety at times, her patience shows and she is always able to bring his attention back to his lesson. Most importantly, he has fun learning and I can see his improvement through his lessons with her.”

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