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Teaching Philosphy

Image by Kira auf der Heide

Body Mapping

"The body map is the neuronal representation we hold of ourselves that dictates how we move- it is literally a picture of our body in our brains but it is not fixed: the maps are changeable or “plastic.”  When the body map accurately represents the true design of the body, the movement dictated by the map will look and feel free, easy and balanced."


Service Name

  • Building confidence

  • Encouraging a lifelong love and appreciation for music

  • Finding your own voice

How to Practice

  • Learning how to practice is a skill!

  • Students will learn how to practice efficiently and effectively. 

  • Students will show fast results in little time! 

  • Physical and mental practicing

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Why Me?

I am young, so I am relatable to students.

I am kind, but firm.

I take mental wellness very seriously.

I accommodate to the student’s learning style.

I aid the student to discover themselves through musical expression.


Benefits of Piano Lessons

01. Body

  • Enhances memory

  • Develop aural awareness

  • Enhances time management skills

  • Improves the body

  • Increase brain development

02. Mind

  • Boosts creativity

  • Builds confidence

03. Time

  • Enhances time management skills

04. Respect

  • ​Teaches discipline

05. Passion

  • Lifelong appreciation and love for music

  • Self-expression

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